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Knowledge of auto stamping

Release time:2017-05-25 14:24:29
What is a car stamping part? Automobile factory has 4 major processes (4 large workshops), namely stamping workshop, welding workshop, painting workshop, assembly workshop. Car stamping parts are produced in the stamping shop. Give you an example, the shell of the car you see all belong to the metal shell, stamping parts, the basic principle is to use steel mold design good, press process in accordance with good design (dozens of tons to 2000 tons) pressed into a desired shape. As for his role is difficult to explain, is the steel plate by stamping workshop as stamping parts, stamping parts after welding workshop as the whole body is white, steel chassis, door, roof, floor, hood, fender, etc. are welded together, the skeleton is equivalent to the vehicle, there are a lot of assembly position, assembly a lot of the nut and the assembling hole. After coating treatment, the assembly shop will be the engine, electrical components, interior parts, seats, steering wheel, tires, lights and other installed, a car is basically completed.
To determine the shape and size of the unfolding sheet of stamping parts is the prerequisite for analyzing the deformation degree of stamping parts, designing technological process and drawing up technological rules. If the shape of the sheet material is suitable, not only the deformation and uneven distribution along the sheet material can be improved obviously, but also the forming limit can be improved, and the lug height can be reduced, and the trimming allowance can be reduced. In addition, for some parts which are directly formed after blanking, if the precise shape and size of the sheet can be given, it can reduce the number of die adjustment, thus shortening the production cycle and increasing productivity.
This paper presents a new plate optimization method, proportion factor method based on finite element simulation, the method in the adjustment of the initial contour, not to every node of the same amount of adjustment, but the scale factor W and shape error of each node calculates the adjustment quantity corresponding, so the adjustment of the targeted, more accurate results, but also need less iteration time. For the initial contour of optimization, the finite element inverse algorithm is adopted in this paper. It is a one-step algorithm. This method directly calculates the initial sheet material by the shape of the final parts, and the calculation speed is fast. Through the combination of the two methods, the shape and size of the initial sheet metal of stamping parts are solved. The calculation accuracy is high and time consuming is less.
In the last chapter of this thesis, gives two typical stamping parts, one is forming part, shape and size of the parts of the initial sheet requires very precise; the other is the two time stamping parts, sheet metal parts of the initial shape and size can be suitable for the requirements of the. The method is used to determine the shape and size of the initial sheet metal.
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