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Cangzhou's party chief,Yang Hui came and his party

Release time:2017-05-24 17:16:56
Cangzhou's party chief,Yang Hui came and his party to our company to visit and 
In December 2016, the Cangzhou municipal Party committee secretary Yang Hui and other party leaders to visit us, general manager Ge Zong said the Party leadership warm welcome, and introduced the recent situation and future development direction of leadership.
During the visit, Ge accompanied the leader to visit the production environment and production process, and introduced the development direction of the company to several important leaders, and got the unanimous approval and approval from the leaders.
After the inspection, Yang secretary gave a high opinion of our company's development, fully affirmed our company's position in the automotive mold industry. Company general Ge on behalf of the company all the staff thank the care and support the government for a long time, and that the continuous innovation in the future work, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and make due contribution to local economic development, in order to return the government and society.

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